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So last article I discussed some of Yahtzee’s more gameplay oriented works, now I’m going to dive into his most significant game series: The Chzo Mythos. Split into four parts (originally only intended to be one, then two standalone games), the Chzo Mythos is a series of horror adventure games made using AGS. The Chzo Mythos series is best known for its story and narrative pacing. Adventure Games, for the uninitiated, are a type of game which is usually more narrative than gameplay focused, with simplistic exploration and inventory based point-and-click gameplay. Because getting stuck on a logic puzzle for an hour is no fun, I’ve also included a guide for each game, don’t feel shy to consult them when in a bind.

So, read on to see each of the four parts of Yahtzee’s current Magnum Opus, and make sure the lights are off and the sound is turned up…

Also, before we begin, while the first game is largely appropriate for anyone, parts 2, 3, and 4 (3 especially) contain some content that some may find disturbing, if you don’t care for mutilated pixel-corpses(and lots of them), you may want to give this a pass; but play part 1(5 Days a Stranger) at least.

5 Days a Stranger is the first game in the series, made in 2003. As the name implies, the game takes place over 5 days and involves a group of strangers. Trilby, now in Britain 2 years after The Art of Theft(Art of Theft was a prequel), is following a call from his current fence, who has found him a rather nice manor estate under the name of DeFoe that is ripe for the picking… Not is all as it seems though, as a creaky foreboding house quickly turns into a nightmare as 5 strangers (Trilby included) are trapped inside, at the mercy of some evil force.

Make sure to safe often, there is no autosave and it is possible to die at two points. Also, I find the F1-F5 keys are useful for swapping commands, somewhat diminishing the clunkiness of the interface. You can Download 5 Days a Stranger Here, and you can read the help guide Here.

Second in the series, 7 Days a Skeptic takes place almost exactly 400 years in the future. The game involves, you guessed it, 7 days and a group of people who become quite skeptical of each other and their situation as a whole. The game stars Doctor Johnathan Somerset, counselor aboard a derelict scouting vessel with a skeleton crew, dedicated to a mundane charting mission in space. Things take a rather sharp turn for the worse when the vessel discovers a large metallic object floating in space, sealed within are some seemingly random items and a note that urges the reader to jettison the capsule back into space. The note is signed with the name Trilby…

Save often, death is easy in several locations. You can download the game Here, and view the guide Here.

The third game in the series, my personal favorite, differs in both name and gameplay. Trilby’s Notes takes place several years after 5 Days a Stranger, featuring Trilby attempting to unravel the mystery of the evil behind DeFoe manor, and finally vanquish the evil he thought he had destroyed. However, as always, all is not as it seems. The game uses a text parser instead of traditional point and click controls, you essentially type what you want Trilby to do (aside from walking). this control scheme has it’s flaws and merits, but it makes the game much more involving in my opinion.

you can download the game Here, and check out the guide Here.

Returning to form, there are 6 days and point and click controls in the final entry in the series. Rather than preface the plot I’ll let you find out for yourself on this final entry.

You can download the game Here, and you can read the guide Here.

Those hungry for more of this series will be happy to know that Yahtzee has written two short stories, one which centers on Trilby and is relatively spoiler free, and another which should not be read until you have finished the games. You can find the Trilby one Here, and the other one Here.

Lastly, Yahtzee is always making new games at a rate of one every year or two, and he has just recently announced his latest project on his oddly named blog fullyramblomatic. His next game will be a platformer made using Game Maker, no word on any specifics yet. The game is apparently very close to release, so keep an eye open.

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    Loved this series to death.

    5 days a stranger was the most stereotypical of them in terms of story and gameplay.
    7 days a skeptic was probably the hardest and goriest.
    Trilby’s Notes was the most unique in terms of gameplay.
    6 days a sacrifice had the best story and helped make the events that occurred in the previous games make sense.

    Also, “ithruts.”?

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