About Shattered Pixel

Shattered Pixel is the internet home-base and trade-name for Evan Debenham, that’s me! You may also know me by 00-Evan, which is a handle I usually use for accounts on various services or games. This website hosts the various things I work on, which at the moment is mostly Shattered Pixel Dungeon and blog posts about Shattered Pixel Dungeon.

I started Shattered Pixel Dungeon in late 2014, a few days after Pixel Dungeon went open source. My motivation at the time was realizing that I was headed toward a regular computer science career path, but really wanted to get into games, and was seriously late in starting on that. Pixel Dungeon going open source seemed like a great opportunity to get my feet wet.

What was originally supposed to be a project that lasted a few months ended up ballooning into a multi-year project because of the community’s overwhelmingly positive reaction. Shattered started as a rebalance mod and has grown into its own game, which shares a base and some assets with Pixel Dungeon. If you’re interested in Shattered’s history, there’s a mostly complete history available on the Blog.

After releasing Shattered on new platforms in 2021-2023, I’m now focusing on some big content expansions! My latest blog with my longer term plans is Here.


Want some more detail about me? Sure! I have done some things on the internet before Shattered Pixel Dungeon, so here’s a bit of history.

Before Shattered Pixel Dungeon, from around 2011-2014, Shattered Pixel was just a blog. The site was active for about a year, where I sporadically wrote articles about “technology, culture, and gaming”. I abandoned the blog when I realized nobody was going to magically start caring about it, but I kept the name for future use.

Before Shattered Pixel, from 2008 to 2010, I wrote reviews for RuneScape on their official forums. They went by the title “00-Evan Reviews”. The reviews focused on recent content updates to the game, and were generally well received by members of the forum. I wrote about 35 of them in total.

I first started using the name 00-Evan around 2003. I needed to make an email account for school and was instructed by the teacher to “think up something that isn’t just your real name”. I decided to be a bit of a smart-ass and thought up 00-Evan (pronounced double-oh-evan), and the name has been a handle for me ever since.