Hello there, this page is currently under construction. Soon I’m going to expand it and include the sort of things you’d expect to see in an about page, as well as a bit of a history of Shattered Pixel.

Until then here’s some very basic info:

  • My name is Evan Debenham, Shattered Pixel is a sort of ‘trade name’ that I go under when making things.
  • You might also know me by 00-Evan, which is the username I usually use for personal accounts on services like steam/discord.
  • My only notable project at the moment is Shattered Pixel Dungeon, a fork of Pixel Dungeon which I’ve been working on since 2014.

As for History:

  • For 2014-2018 I was mainly based out of tumblr, before finally deciding to move on to this website in early 2019.
  • Shattered Pixel as a website has existed since 2011. I was originally going to use it for a gaming blog before I realized that nobody wants another one of those.

This website is built using Jekyll, and uses the wonderful Minimal Mistakes theme, with some modifications.