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Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.7.5!

less than 1 minute read

0.7.5 significantly improves and expands on enemies in the first two regions of the game! There are three new enemies, and the first two bosses have both rec...

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.7.4!

less than 1 minute read

0.7.4 is focused around improving allies and ally-generating items. There are 2 new ally-creating wands, improvements to ally AI, and improvements to various...

Coming Soon to Shattered: New Friends!

4 minute read

Hey Dungeoneers, the next Shattered update is coming soon, here’s what to expect! 0.7.4 is primarily focused on improving existing allies and adding new ones.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon in 2019

12 minute read

Hey folks, it’s a new year, and a new website! I have moved on from Tumblr, and brought all of the previous blog posts with me. Things may shift around here ...

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Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.7.1!

less than 1 minute read

0.7.1 completely reworks the huntress, as well as expands thrown weapons, and adds some nice quality of life tweaks!

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.7.0!

1 minute read

0.7.0 turns alchemy into a full-bore consumable crafting system, with over 60 new items and over 100 recipes total! This represents the largest content drop ...

Coming Soon to Shattered: Advanced Alchemy

7 minute read

Hey Everyone! Despite delays, we are now getting close to the release of 0.7.0! I’m afraid I can’t commit to a release date just yet, but late this month see...

Coming Soon to Shattered: Runestones!

3 minute read

Shattered 0.7.0 is currently in development, and it is going to be a very substantial consumable overhaul update! This is a huge milestone, as it marks the l...

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.5

less than 1 minute read

0.6.5 is all about armor variety, as well as a attempt to balance the berserker. There are also a few smaller balance adjustments, including lots of improvem...

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.4

less than 1 minute read

0.6.4 features improvements to several mechanics, and to game balance. Most significantly, challenges have been improved, every hero starts with a bag, and t...

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.3

less than 1 minute read

0.6.3 has a bunch of various changes and improvements, with the biggest thing being a total rework to ranged weapons.

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Coming Soon to Shattered: Better Traps

4 minute read

In this blog I’m going to be talking all about traps in ShatteredPD! You may recall that in the last blog I mentioned I would be talking about secrets, howev...

Coming Soon to Shattered: The Rogue Rework!

5 minute read

0.6.2 is the first update with new content focused on taking advantage of the levelgen overhaul from 0.6.0. All the hidden secrets in the dungeon are getting...

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Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.4.3!

less than 1 minute read

0.4.3 is in many ways a followup to 0.4.2, featuring more technical and QoL improvements, and behind the scenes changes that’ll let me do more cool things in...

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Regarding Degradation

less than 1 minute read

So degradation is pretty controversial, but I can appreciate why Watabou added it to the base game, he wrote a blog on it which you should read.

Donations in Shattered Pixel Dungeon

6 minute read

Since I started making Shattered Pixel Dungeon my intention has always been for it to be as true to the original game as possible, that includes the moral st...

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.1.0

less than 1 minute read

So this is that content I was mentioning, a full fork on the recently open-source android game Pixel Dungeon!

First Post!

less than 1 minute read

So after 3 long years of inactivity, Shattered Pixel returns!

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