ShatteredPD is now available on GOG and Itch!

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Hey Dungeoneers,

As of today, there are two more options for getting Shattered Pixel Dungeon on computers! Shattered is now available on and, in addition to Steam and Github! Itch and GOG get the same version of the game as all other platforms (v2.0.2 currently), and Shattered updates will continue to be released everywhere simultaneously.

Shattered’s GOG listing is very similar to Steam. The game will cost $10 US up-front but includes some extra cosmetic supporter features and releases with a 20% launch discount! I do also plan to participate in sale events on GOG, just as I do on Steam. The GOG release is DRM-free, just as it is on other platforms.

Meanwhile, on Shattered is a bit more like how it is on Github. Users are politely encouraged to purchase Shattered for $10, but it is available on Itch for free as well. If you choose to pay you’ll get access to a separate download that includes the same bonuses that are on Steam and GOG.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon’s soundtrack is also available on GOG and Itch for the same price as it is on Steam!

As a final note, I have chosen not to make the JAR version of Shattered available outside of Github, as it is for more advanced users who want (or need) to install Java separately. I will continue to update the JAR distribution on Github though.

What about v2.1.0?

With the planning that’s gone into these releases, v2.1.0 has been pushed back just a little bit, though work is progressing well.

As a little teaser, v2.1.0 will come with three new weapons! The Sickle(T2), Katana(T4), and War Scythe(T5) will both help fill out weapon tiers a little more, and give the Duelist some new abilities to play with. In particular, I have heard loud and clear that people want a higher-tier equivalent to the rapier starting weapon.

I should hopefully have v2.1.0 ready for beta sometime in May. Please keep in mind that this is just an estimate though. If the update hasn’t released yet, it’s because I’m still working on it! If you’d like some faster more incremental updates on my progress though, consider following me on Mastodon or Twitter.

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