This page contains privacy information for the services Shattered Pixel offers.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Effective: June 28th, 2021

Shattered Pixel Dungeon has a full privacy policy which is contained on a separate web-page.

Effective: June 20th, 2021 uses Google Analytics to track and report data about website visitors.

Shattered Pixel, or I refers to the administrator of this website and sole proprietor of Shattered Pixel: Evan Debenham.

What Data is Collected?

When a page on is viewed, Google Analytics records information such as:

  • What page on is being viewed.
  • How the user reached that page, if the page was reached via an external link.
  • User device info such as web browser, screen size, and operating system.
  • User language and coarse geolocation.
  • User session info, so that multiple consecutive pageviews can be grouped together into one session.

Google’s processing of this data is governed by their Privacy Policies.

Is this Data Personally Identifiable?

No. Shattered Pixel does not collect any personally identifiable information on via Google Analytics.

It should be noted that Google Analytics normally collects data which would be considered personally identifiable, such as unique identifiers or full IP addresses. Shattered Pixel has configured Google Analytics to reduce or remove this functionality:

  • IP addresses are anonymized, so that specific user location cannot be determined.
  • Collection of advertising ID or any other unique identifiers is disabled.
  • Cookies are session-based and are not used to track users over multiple visits to Google analytics cookies persist for 2 years by default but they are configured on to expire when the website is closed.

How is this data used?

Shattered Pixel uses this data to better understand readership of This includes how many people are visiting the site, where those visitors are reaching the site from, what type of devices those readers are using, and how long they are reading the site for. This information helps Shattered Pixel improve the quality of the website and find better ways to encourage more readership.