Privacy Policy - Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Effective: January 21st, 2020

Shattered Pixel Dungeon, or ShatteredPD refers to the android app ‘Shattered Pixel Dungeon’, which is developed by Shattered Pixel. ShatteredPD can be downloaded from Google Play. Note that this policy only applies to the Google Play version of ShatteredPD. Shattered Pixel does not knowingly receive collected data from distributions of ShatteredPD on any other platforms.

Shattered Pixel, or I refers to the sole developer of ShatteredPD: Evan Debenham. I am the data controller for ShatteredPD on Google Play.

Google refers to Google LLC. Google is the data processor for ShatteredPD on Google Play.

Does Shattered Pixel Collect Personally Identifiable Information?

No. Shattered Pixel does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information via ShatteredPD or associated services.

What Data is Collected?

The ShatteredPD app itself, by default, performs no data collection of any kind. However, the Google Play version of ShatteredPD offers two optional features which will collect data when enabled: Google Play Games and Google Analytics. Additionally, Google Play itself collects information which is provided to Shattered Pixel.

Google Play

Google makes various information available to Shattered Pixel via the Google Play Developer Console. This information is collected by Google Play and Google’s handling of this data is governed by their Privacy Policies.

The information provided to Shattered Pixel includes:

  • Various statistics relating to installations of the game, such as app version, android version, language, country, etc.
  • Information relating to app stability, such as crash reports.

All information presented to Shattered Pixel is aggregated or anonymized.

Google Play Games

Usage of Google Play Games features within ShatteredPD requires that Google Play Services and Google Play Games be installed on a user’s device. Data is reported though these applications, which are governed by Google’s Privacy Policies.

ShatteredPD uses Google Play Games Services to offer the following optional features:

  • Cloud-based save game backup via a user’s Google Drive storage.
  • Achievements via Google Play Games.

Neither of these features provide any information to Shattered Pixel. The exchange of data is purely between the user and Google.

The following information from users who have enabled Google Play Games is made available to Shattered Pixel via the Game Services Developer Dashboard:

  • Statistical information relating to demographics, including age range, country, and gender.
  • Statistical information relating to Google Play Games functionality, such as how many players have unlocked achievements.
  • Timeline information relating to game events, such as when players unlock achievements, stop playing, or make in-app purchases.

All information presented to Shattered Pixel is aggregated or anonymized.

Google Analytics

ShatteredPD uses Google Analytics for Firebase to collect data with the goal of improving the game. A user may opt-in to this functionality by enabling the ‘Share Gameplay Data’ setting within ShatteredPD. All data is reported to Google via the Google Firebase SDK, which is governed by Google’s Privacy Policies. Google then makes aggregated reports based on this information available to Shattered Pixel via the Firebase Console and makes the raw data available via associated services such as Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio.

Firebase Console reports include information such as:

  • How many of each type of reported event happen within a given period of time.
  • How many unique users have played ShatteredPD within a given period of time.
  • User device statistics, such as device model, language, country, etc.
  • Detailed crash and error reports.

Shattered Pixel uses raw analytics information to perform more complex analysis of analytics data. Here is a full list of the data fields made available to Shattered Pixel via BigQuery. Note that Shattered Pixel has disabled collection of user IDs and advertising IDs. Some of the listed fields are filled by custom information provided by Shattered Pixel Dungeon. Custom information will only ever relate to gameplay.

How Is Collected Data Used?

Shattered Pixel uses the information described above to improve decision-making relating to the development and marketing of ShatteredPD.

Examples of development decision-making may include:

  • Deciding which technical issues within the game should be fixed at a high priority.
  • Making balance changes to characters or items based on their performance/popularity.

Examples of marketing decision-making may include:

  • Performing A/B testing to determine which store listing configuration results in the most installs of the game.
  • Determining how to best encourage users to make in-app purchases without being intrusive.
  • Choosing which language translations to give priority to.

After receiving data from Google, Shattered Pixel does not share it with any third parties.

Shattered Pixel may occasionally share specific details with the public if it relates to the topic of an announcement or blog post. All information which is shared in this manner will be presented in a synthesized form, Shattered Pixel will never share the raw data that is provided to it by Google. An example of this sort of data sharing is this figure, which was shared in this blog post.

Information collected by Shattered Pixel does not have a defined storage duration, as it is not personally identifiable.

What Rights Do I Have?

It is not possible for users to make requests about their data, as said data cannot be tied back to them. Users are however free to disable or opt-out of the optional features of ShatteredPD which collect data, which will immediately disable further data collection.

User rights in relation to Google Play and Google’s processing of their data is described in Google’s Privacy Policies.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

I can be contacted by email for inquiries relating to this privacy policy:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This policy may change occasionally and any updates will be posted here. Notice of changes will be provided to users of Shattered Pixel Dungeon via a message within the game, when those changes are relevant to those users. Users will only be notified if the privacy policy update includes a functional difference in what data is collected, how it is handled, or how it is used. Notifications will not be given for minor adjustments such as changes to wording.

change history:

  • Jan 21st, 2020: removed references to Google Analytics for Android, as that functionality has now been disabled.
  • Apr 11th, 2019: updated Google Analytics section, as the game now uses Firebase. No significant change to what data is collected. Also improved wording.
  • Feb 19th, 2019: improved wording in a few places
  • Feb 12th 2019: original policy posted