Status Update: v2.4.0

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Hey Rat Punchers,

You may remember that when v2.3.0 released I gave a rough ETA of ‘early to mid March’ when it came to hearing back from me on v2.4.0. Well, early March is here, so where are we at?

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news when it comes to progress on Shattered: v2.4.0 has been substantially delayed. For pretty much the whole month of February I’ve been dealing with helping my family with a surgery recovery and recovering from getting sick myself. None of these things are life threatening or anything, but they have made work on Shattered almost impossible for the last month or so.

In addition to all of that, I’m going to be steadily moving where I live over the course of March, which is sure to also get in the way of Shattered dev a fair bit.

A new ETA for v2.4.0

If we take my initial timeframe for v2.4.0 and shove everything back about a month and a half, then you could expect to hear from me sometime around mid to late April. I think that’s a reasonable estimate for now, at the very least I should have enough content finished to show off in a blog post by then.

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In fact, so this post not being completely barren, here’s one little thing that I showed off in a small update recently:

v2.4.0 is a fairly alchemy-focused update with the addition of trinkets, so I’m making some other changes to the alchemy system as well. Here’s a streamlining change I’m making to the alchemy system, meant to simplify a bunch of the higher end recipes: replacing catalysts with a simple energy cost.

This change won’t just go through in isolation though, I am planning on making adjustments to catalysts themselves so that there’s still some reason to make them, and both aqua blast and feather fall are getting changes so that their produce better matches their input items thematically. Here’s a quick look at how those items look now:

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