Shattered Pixel Dungeon v2.1.0!

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Hey Dungeoneers, Shattered v2.1.0 has been released! You can get it:
- On Google Play
- On the App Store
- On Steam,, or
- On Github for Android or Desktop.

You can discuss this blog post on the Pixel Dungeon Subreddit, or on the Steam Community Forums!

What’s new in v2.1.0

v2.1.0 includes a bunch of Duelist balance changes, three new weapons, two new exotic enemies, and a bunch of big and small tweaks and bugfixes.

I talked about this update in a previous blog post:

Here’s a condensed runthrough of the major changes this update. You can check out the changes screen in-game for a fully detailed list.

  • v2.1.0 releases 83 days after v2.0.0.
  • 3 new weapons: Sickle, Katana, and War Scythe!
  • 2 new exotic enemies: Tormented Spirits and Phantom Piranhas!
  • There is now a dedicated shopkeeper interface with buyback.

  • More Acension changes, including boosting enemy HP instead of reducing DMG taken.
  • The Lightweight Charge talent has been replaced with Precise Assault.
  • ~15 misc. changes
  • 40+ bugfixes

  • The Whip now deals 3-15 base DMG, up from 3-12.
  • Almost every Duelist weapon abiltiy has been buffed.
  • Mild buffs to Champion and moderate ones to Monk.
  • Buffs to Elemental Strike ability, Expose Weakness talent, and Invigorating Victory talent.

  • Nerfs to Monk’s meditate ability and Elimination Match talent.

What’s coming next?

  • The next update will be v2.2.0, and will include a complete rework of the blacksmith quest!
  • There is a decent amount of technical work that still needs to be done for v2.2.0, and I can easily introduce that into the game via some patches to v2.1.0. Because of this, I expect that v2.1 is going to have a longer patch cycle than usual, as I’ll be both including those technical changes and taking the opportunity to fix a bunch of smaller issues sooner than if I waiting to release them in v2.2.0.
  • I plan to completely rework the blacksmith’s quest in v2.2.0, to feature a new sub area and a unique mining mechanic. The player will need to mine out walls both to collect treasure and to navigate around hazards. I expect the quest will be notably more involved and challenging, but there will be new rewards on offer a well!
  • As always, there will be some amount of smaller improvements, fixes, and additions both in v2.2.0 and during v2.1’s longer than usual patch cycle. I expect that v2.2.0 is going to be mainly focused on the blacksmith quest though, so any new additions aside from that will be relatively minor. In terms of fixes, I plan to keep an eye on the Duelist and weapons in general after the changes in v2.1.0.

I’ll probably start to have a more clear idea of how long v2.2.0 will take after I finish releasing patches for v2.1.0, but I think that a total dev time of 3 months or so is a relatively safe bet. Please keep in mind that while I always try to keep to the ETAs I provide, they are just estimates. If you don’t hear from me by the ETA, it means I’m still busy with the update!

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