Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.8.1!

1 minute read

Hey Dungeoneers, v0.8.1 has been released on Google Play and GitHub, and should roll out to other platforms such as Amazon and F-Droid soon!

v0.8.1 includes some major audiovisual upgrades in the form of new sounds effects and a redesigned hero select featuring fully detailed splash art! There are also lots of design and balance tweaks to bosses, items, and general gameplay. You can read some specifics about most of the changes in this update in this blog post.

Here’s a heavily condensed changes list, you can find a fully detailed changes list ingame:

New Content:
- A redesigned hero select with fullscreen splash art!
- New sound effects and remastered music
- Improved visuals for buff and item icons
- A rework for the Talisman of Foresight 
- A rework for the Wand of Regrowth
- A rework for the Wand of Magic Missile

- Various inventory management improvements
- Design improvements to bosses
- Improvements to various game interfaces
- 8 misc changes
- 20+ bugfixes

- Rework/buff to Ring of Wealth
- Buffs to Assassin and Sniper
- Various QoL and buff changes to Wand of Warding
- 11 misc. item buffs

- 9 misc. item nerfs
- nerfs to Greataxe and defense-granting weapons