Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.8.0!

1 minute read

Hey Dungeoneers, 0.8.0 has been released on Google Play and GitHub, and should roll out to other platforms such as Amazon and F-Droid soon!

0.8.0 totally overhauls enemies and bosses in the middle and late stages of the game! Expect lots more enemy diversity and fresh new challenges as you explore the more dangerous parts of the dungeon!

I wrote two blog posts about this update, so if you’d like you can get more details about enemy changes, or about boss changes and the update’s development.

Here’s a heavily condensed changes list, you can find a fully detailed changes list ingame:

New Content:
- Redesigns to Mimics and the prison ranged enemies
- Enemies in the Caves totally overhauled
- DM-300 fight totally overhauled
- Enemies in the City totally overhauled
- Dwarf King fight totally overhauled
- Enemies in the Halls totally overhauled
- Yog-Dzewa fight totally overhauled

- Significant adjustments to lategame traps
- Class armors now work on a charge percentage
- Various improvements to enemy/ally AI
- Overhauled desktop code and update notifier
- 20+ misc changes
- 30+ bugfixes
- Updated translations and translator credits

- Wand of Corruption bugfixed/buffed
- Bless buff boost increased to 25% from 20%
- Evasion augmented armor now gives 33% more evasion
- Boosted Necromancer stats slightly

- Defense augmented armor now costs 33% more evasion
- Reduced Prison Guard stats slightly
- Removed a lot of unnecessary enemy resistances