Announcing the Shattered Pixel Dungeon Translation Project!

1 minute read

Hey guys!

I’ve got a lot of awesome stuff planned for 2016, and the first of those things is happening right now!

Despite being only available in English, Shattered Pixel Dungeon has a large number of international users. Moving forward, I want to better support those users by offering the game in their native language, but I need some help!

Over the last little while I’ve been busy working on building a proper text structure into the game’s code (it used to be all hard-coded), and have set up a page for fans to volunteer to submit translations. By submitting translations (as many or as few as you like) you help bring shattered pixel dungeon to your native language!

You can find the project on Transifex here: Anyone is welcome to sign up and either start translating or help to improve existing translations.

Note: currently about 95% of the game’s text has been uploaded, the rest will be uploaded over the next couple days. Also, currently I am only looking to translate into the languages listed on the site, but feel free to suggest new ones which may be added in the future.

I’ve still got some technical stuff to work out, so if you do want to translate don’t feel pressured to do it quickly, it will likely be at least 2 weeks before this update will go live no matter how fast the translations are.