Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.3.4: Translations!

1 minute read

After a month of translation work, here we are! Shattered Pixel Dungeon is now available in multiple languages!

Russian and Korean are the forerunners, with fully translated and reviewed text. Chinese, Portuguese, and German are close behind with a full translation that may still have some errors in it.

You can select what language you would like from the new icon in the title screen of the game. Additionally, if your native language happens to be a fully reviewed one, the game will default to that instead of English.

These changes are rolling out on google play right now, Amazon and f-droid users can expect this update before the end of the week.

There are also a few balance changes in this update, I’m hoping to make more of these smaller tweaks moving forward now that I have analytics data to back my changes. These changes should reduce a bit of the randomness of the earlygame. Rockfall traps also got some tweaks, they were simply dealing too much damage.

Please let me know what you think! I’m especially curious about how people feel about the new font, it doesn’t fit the pixel style as well, but it’s much cleaner and easier to read.

I know this update doesn’t have a lot of stuff for English users, but don’t worry, the next update will be 100% content focused.