Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.3.5: The Warrior Rework!

2 minute read

An update for Shattered Pixel Dungeon has been released!

0.3.5 is a rework to the warrior class. The primary goal is to give him more unique things to do, rather than just being the class that works better with weapons and armor, and to better smooth his balancing, where he has historically been a bit too strong early on.

The update is available now through Google Play, and will be available to amazon and f-droid users next week, along with the source release.

Also, within the next week I hope to FINALLY have the desktop porting issues sorted out, and that version will also be made up to date, skipping over 0.3.4 entirely.

Here is a full list of changes, and change context below:

Warrior Rework:
- Starting STR down to 10, from 11
- Short sword dmg down to 1-10, from 1-12
- Short sword can no longer be reforged
- Now IDs potions of health, not STR
- Now starts with a unique seal for armor
- Seal grants shielding ontop of health
- Seal allows for one upgrade transfer
Berserker Rework:
- Bonus damage now scales with lost HP, instead of a flat 50% at 50% hp
- Berserker can now endure through death for a short time, with caveats
Gladiator Rework:
- Combo no longer grants bonus damage
- Combo is now easier to stack
- Combo now unlocks special finisher moves
Balance Tweaks:
- Spears can now reach enemies 1 tile away
- Wand of Blast Wave now pushes bosses less
- Can now examine multiple things in one tile
- Classic font added for Russian language
- Added Hungarian language
- Translation updates
- Various bugfixes

The Warrior Himself

I want the warrior to be more about defense, rather than weapons and armor in general. It makes more sense to me for there to be a class each for equipment offence and defense, rather than one class which covers both.

A lot of the warrior’s changes serve that, giving him more incentive to work with armor. His new seal in particular, which replaces a lot of his other benefits, directly increases the value of each armor update. I’m quite excited to see whether players decide to switch up how they invest in their gear a little in order to take advantage of the warrior’s new benefits.

His Subclasses

The focus for the subclasses was to make their effects more pronounced, but also to make the player have to work more for them. Both subclasses now require more strategy and decision making, but reward you for playing them well.


With such a major update to the most popular class there will inevitably be some balance concerns. Expect some patches to 0.3.5 within a few days after release, to help smooth over anything that might be a bit too strong, or too weak. Analytics data will help a bunch with this, but your feedback, of course, is crucial as well, so let me know what you think of these changes!