Shattered Pixel Dungeon v1.1.0!

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Hey Dungeoneers, v1.1.0 has been released on Google Play, the App Store, and GitHub!

You can also discuss this update on the Pixel Dungeon Subreddit!

What’s new in v1.1.0

v1.1.0 contains various improvements to the alchemy system and the items it produces, and a music track for each region of the game! There are a few new spells, and several buffs and reworks to exotic potions and scrolls in particular, and various other smaller changes.

I talked about this update in two previous blog posts:

Here’s a condensed runthrough of the major changes this update. You can check out the changes screen in-game for a fully detailed list.

  • v1.1.0 is releasing 115 days after v1.0.0, which released on August 17th 2021
  • Alchemical energy has been completely overhauled
  • Two new spells, and alchemize has been totally redesigned
  • The game now has music for each region!

  • Several exotic scrolls/potions have been reworked
  • 10+ misc. changes
  • 30+ bugfixes

  • Various buffs to exotic potions and scrolls
  • Various buffs to artifacts, most notably the toolkit
  • Berserker rage loss now has a delay
  • Various buffs to talents and armor abilities

  • Mage's staff base damage reduced to 1-6 from 1-7
  • Assassin bonus damage reduced
  • Double Jump talent nerfed

What’s coming next?

The next Shattered update will be v1.2.0, and will focus on a variety of smaller improvements, including working on proper support for desktop users in anticipation of the game’s upcoming Steam release. Unfortunately I’m spread a bit thin right now with Steam and real-life obligations, so v1.2.0 will be a light on content additions. I do hope to release it in less than 4 months though!

v1.1.0 focused pretty heavily on the alchemy system itself and exotic potions/scrolls, but there are definitely improvements to be made to other alchemy items too! Once the dust has settled a bit from 1.1.0 I intend to do a full evaluation and balance pass on alchemy produce. That may mean some nerfs, but I expect the majority of item changes from this will be buffs.

The other major focus for v1.2.0 will be new and enhanced features for desktop users! I wrote a blog post about this in detail already, but in summary I want to make it easier to install and run the desktop game, and improve the interface to better take advantage of mice and larger screens.

v1.1.0 includes a bunch of new music, but Kristjan and I aren't finished yet! We're currently working on a boss track for Yog-Dzewa, and might add some music for the other bosses too.

Lastly, there will be some smaller miscellaneous changes in v1.2.0 as well. Alchemy items will get the most adjustments, but I also plan to look into improvements to a few other items, such as the master thieves' armband. There will be the usual round of balance improvements too.

Expect to hear more details about v1.2.0 in a future news post, likely in January. If you want faster updates about what I’m working on, follow me on Twitter! The micro-blog format of that website makes it perfect for giving quick project updates.

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