Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.5

less than 1 minute read

0.6.5 has been released!

0.6.5 is all about armor variety, as well as a attempt to balance the berserker. There are also a few smaller balance adjustments, including lots of improvements to glyphs! You can read my previous blog about most of these changes Here.

The update is rolling out to google play right now, and will be available to users on other platforms over the next couple days.

Here’s a condensed changes list, you can find a fully detailed changes list ingame:

New Content:
- Weightstone is now stone of augmentation, works on armor
- Added 4 new curses
- Added badges for winning with 3&6 challenges
- Berserker mini-rework

- Several glyphs significantly changed
- 4+ misc. changes
- 10+ bugfixes

- Lucky is now less random

- Wayward accuracy penalty reduced by 50%
- Armor is now better against skeleton bone explosion
- added max ranges to smoke bomb and spectral blades