Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.2.2: Source update, various fixes/improvements, and DESKTOP!

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Hey guys, time for an update!

Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.2.2 is more about many smaller tweaks and less about lots of new content. The Source has been updated to 1.7.2a, many bugs have been fixed, there are two new plants, and a variety of gameplay tweaks/additions.

The new APK should populate to users on Google Play and the Amazon AppStore shortly.

Oh, and there’s a desktop version now.

Special thanks to Github user Prurigro, who’s superior merge-fu made the desktop version a dramatically easier project than I was anticipating. You can find a link to the desktop version Here.

As with the regular desktop version, you will need java. it’s worth noting that I plan for all versions of shattered to be released in sync with eachother, the desktop version will never lag behind the mobile one.

Now, how about a nice full list of changes

All changes from 1.7.2, including challenges, UI tweaks, SYNCRONUS MOVEMENT, and other changes implemented.

Weightstones and the vertigo debuff are present as well but have been reworked slightly.

Unlike in vanilla 1.7.2, keys are still stackable and blindweed has not been removed.

Also, a few visual tweaks (class sprites, warrior sprite) from 1.7.2 have not been included.


The weightstone is now able to balance an item to be lighter or heavier. This balancing will increase either the speed or damage of a weapon at the expense of the other. The overall DPS of the weapon will be the same or slightly more though, the stone is now a tactical choice rather than a straight buff. Still, with proper item synergy, the new weightstone can definitely make your weapons stronger.

New Plants & a buff to Potion of Levitation:

Two new plants have been added to round out the count so that every regular potion now has a corresponding plant type! Dreamfoil cooks into a potion of purity, and can be used to put enemies to sleep, or cleanse debuffs on yourself. Stormvine cooks into a potion of levitation, and can be used to inflict vertigo onto your enemies. Additionally, potions of levitation can now be thrown to create a cloud of confusion gas, very handy on chasm levels! Additionally, the sandals of nature now require more seeds than before as they grow, to balance with the two new types of plants now in the game.

Falling items:

When an item falls into a chasm it is no longer lost! Falling items (including drops from enemies which fall) will now appear in a random location on the next depth. Be careful with potions though, they may not survive the fall. If you drop a potion of liquid flame you better pray the next floor isn’t a jungle.

Heroes Remains System Rework:

Heroes remains have been changed to be less exploitable by vets and more generally helpful to newer players. Remains now have a different colour to easily be distinguished from regular bones.

There are some new rules and limitations:

Heroes will no longer drop bones when:

  • They have obtained the amulet of Yendor
  • They die 5 or more floors above the deepest floor they have reached

Class exclusive items (including class armors) can no longer be found in bones.

The level cap of items found in bones has been significantly lowered(roughly halved).

bones are not dropped, and cannot be found, when challenges are enabled.

However, Heroes remains can now contain more generally useful equipment & consumables from your backpack, such as healing potions, scrolls of upgrade, arcane styli, throwing weapons, etc.

I appreciate this is a huge nerf to those who use remains regularly, but I honestly believe this was not a strategy which was healthy for the game. There is nothing wrong with getting a pick-me-up from a previous run which failed, but there is a big issue with winning a run solely because you collected that 40 defence mage robe which you got from a run you won anyway.

Finally, some misc. tweaks:

  • improved the shading/coloration of the great crab.
  • sped up the great crab a bit, kiting him should be less time-consuming
  • corrected a bug with the gnoll trickster, he should chase more aggressively now, making him easier to lead through corners or doors.
  • fixed potion of purity not interacting properly with new gasses.
  • removed gas collision logic, gasses can now stack without limitation.
  • corrected various small bugs