Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.2.1: Quests, Bosses & Lore pt.1, the Sewers!

2 minute read

Hey guys, have an update!

This time around I’m looking into the experience for new players primarily. While I’m sure everyone will appreciate the new variety, new players should hopefully benefit the most with more things to help teach them about the game.

I’ll run through each of these big three themes:


The sad ghost has a few new baddies that he may want players to kill for him. Along with the Fetid Rat (who has been graphically reworked), players can now be pitted against the cunning Gnoll Trickster or the hardy Great Crab! All of these bosses have mechanics which emphasis using the environment to your advantage, something I hope to help new players get a feel for. Lastly, the Dried Rose quest has been removed, it was too simple and added nothing to gameplay. This means the rose itself is gone too, for now…


Goo is now more wonderfully bouncy than ever with a full animation update. This includes flashy new particle effects when Goo is pumping up. Additionally, his arena has been reworked to give the player much more room to maneuver, incentivising players to use the environment against him! The random nature of Goo’s new arena should make every fight with him a little different too. His royal highness the Rat King is still present, but he might be a little trickier to find.


Most texts that appear in the sewers have been updated, from descriptions to quest dialogues to tip signs and story scrolls! I wanted to give a little more weight to the player’s adventure by making a slightly more present narrative, let me know what you think of this! Additionally, the new tips should be far more useful to new players who otherwise have no way of learning certain things without guides.

Lastly, this update brings a slew of bugfixes and stability improvements, let me know if you run into any issues!

Have an amazon device? Shattered Pixel Dungeon is coming to the Amazon App Store in the next few days!

I am so shocked by the reaction Shattered has created, I am rapidly approaching 100k downloads and everything that’s been happening has honestly made my head spin. When I set out making Shattered I expected it to slowly grow over months as I added content, but instead the reaction has been explosive to say the least. I figure the best thing I can do is keep making updates that you all enjoy, to make good on all the excitement Shattered has generated. So look forward to more improvements for the foreseeable future!