Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.2.0

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Shattered Pixel Dungeon is now on Google Play!

Check out v0.2.0 here:


Removed 7 Rings…And Replaced them with 7 Artifacts!

  • Ring of Shadows becomes Cloak of Shadows
  • Ring of Satiety becomes Horn of Plenty
  • Ring of Mending becomes Chalice of Blood
  • Ring of Thorns becomes Cape of Thorns
  • Ring of Haggler becomes Master Thieves’ Armband
  • Ring of Naturalism becomes Sandals of Nature

Then Added 6 new Rings!

  • Ring of Sharpshooting
  • Ring of Wealth
  • Ring of Furor
  • Ring of Force
  • Ring of Tenacity
  • Ring of Might

And tweaked/reworked the remaining 5 existing rings!


  • Fixed various bugs/errors
  • Nerfed farming health potions from fly swarms
  • Buffed crazed bandit and his drops
  • Made Blandfruit more common
  • Nerfed Assassin bonus damage slightly(to balance with him having an artifact now)
  • Updated about page & title page
  • Added a welcome page!