Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.2

1 minute read

It’s about time for another update, isn’t it?!

0.6.2 contains a rework to the rogue class and an overhaul to all of the dungeon’s secrets!

The update is rolling out right now through Google Play, and will be available to users on other platforms over the next couple days.

Here’s a condensed changes list, you can find a fully detailed changes list ingame:

New Content:
- Overhauled dungeon secrets, including 12 new rooms!
- A rework/buff to the rogue class
- Reworks and balance adjustments to rogue subclasses
- Overhaul to the dungeon's traps
- Locked chests now show up around the dungeon

- Wand of Corruption reworked
- Improvements to Enemy and all AI
- 15+ bugfixes
- 8+ misc. changes

- Cloak of shadows improved as part of rogue rework
- Dagger and dirk buffed as part of rogue rework
- Flail buffed, now inaccurate instead of slow
- potions of frost and purity buffed

- Berserker damage reduced, exhaustion increased
- Heroes remains give gold less, but also high value items less

For details about some of the bigger changes coming in this update, you can read my previous blog posts on the Rogue, on Traps, and on Secret Rooms.

You can discuss this update on the Pixel Dungeon Subreddit!