Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.9.2!

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Hey Dungeoneers, v0.9.2 has been released on Google Play and GitHub! It should roll out to users on Amazon soon as well.

You can discuss this update on the Pixel Dungeon Subreddit!

What’s new in v0.9.2?

v0.9.2 adds the third tier of the talent system, which interacts with hero subclasses and is the most significant tier yet! There are also a bunch of balance changes to the various classes/subclasses, and enemies in the late prison and deeper.

I talked about most of these changes in detail in a previous blog post: Coming Soon to Shattered: Tier Three Talents!

Here’s a condensed runthrough of the major changes in v0.9.2. You can check out the changes screen in-game for a fully detailed list.

  • v0.9.2 is releasing 78 days after v0.9.1, which released on Dec. 11th 2020
  • Tier three talents have been added: 32 hero talents for levels 13-20
  • The Gladiator has been reworked to make combo more accessible
  • The Freerunner has been reworked to be more interactive

  • Various subclasses have received changes due to T3 talents
  • 5 misc changes
  • 25+ bugfixes

  • Enemies in the prison and caves have been mildly buffed to offset talents
  • Enemies in the city and halls have been moderately buffed to offset talents
  • The hostile champions challenge is now more consistent and a bit harder
  • The two on-upgrade talents have been buffed

  • Invisibility per charge on the Cloak of Shadows has been reduced to 4 from 5
  • The Chalice of Blood artifact recharging effect is now based on its level
  • Turns of barkskin from Nature's aid reduced to 3|5 from 4|6

What’s coming next?

The next update to Shattered Pixel Dungeon will be v0.9.3! This will be the final talent system update, adding a fourth tier that spans levels 21 to 30. This tier will significantly tie in to class armor abilities, offering players more customization options and the ability to power them up through the use of talent points! The goal here is to give the player a bit of specialization and progression in the final stages of the game, where they’d otherwise have their character build finalized. I’m going to try and have a blog post out about v0.9.3 sometime in March.

After I’m finished with talents, my next major priority is going to be looking at inventory management and the alchemy system. Ideally I’d like to improve inventory managment while also making the alchemy system into the consumable-flexibility powerhouse it was always intended to be.

Lastly, I’m going to keep a close eye on the balance of the game after v0.9.2. Aside from making the game a bit too easy, v0.9.1 ended up going quite well, but I expect the greater range of talents in v0.9.2 will necessitate some balance adjustments. Expect changes to T3 talents in patches for v0.9.2, and possibly some more significant changes in v0.9.3.

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