Shattered Pixel Dungeon v1.3.0!

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Hey Dungeoneers, v1.3.0 has been released! You can get it on: on Google Play, the App Store, Steam, and GitHub!

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What’s new in v1.3.0

v1.3.0 includes a variety of additions and improvements, including a new scoring system, custom seeds and daily runs, and a harder alternate ending! There are also some new and changed badges, various UI and control improvements, and a bunch of balance tweaks.

I talked about this update in two previous blog posts:

Here’s a condensed runthrough of the major changes this update. You can check out the changes screen in-game for a fully detailed list.

  • v1.3.0 is releasing 105 days after v1.2.0, which released on Mar 23rd, 2022
  • Support for user-enterable custom seeds
  • Offline daily runs with local score history
  • An overhauled scoring system to go along with seeds and dailies
  • New mechanics that make ascension a proper challenge
  • Improvements to UI/UX, mainly for desktop and controller users
  • ~15 new badges, ranging from easy to extremely hard
  • Reworks and replacements for several curse effects

  • Added several more talent options to the scroll of metamorphosis
  • Lots of adjustments to existing badges
  • Additions to several buff and spell effect icons
  • 10+ misc. changes
  • 10+ bugfixes

  • Buffed several armor abilities
  • Buffed the wand preservation talent
  • Buffed crystal path rooms
  • Buffed a few underused alchemy items

  • Nerfed smoke bomb and heroic leap armor abilities
  • Nerfed (i.e. made weaker) a few curse effects
  • Reduced elemental spawn rate on floor 16

What’s coming next?

The next Shattered update will be v1.4.0! After focusing on game porting and multiple smaller additions, v1.4.0 will finally focus on new core game content! I expect v1.4.0 to take about 2 months to complete, as I want to focus primarily on the core content and not overload the update too much with other smaller additions.

...Before v1.4.0 though, I would like to add a few interface improvements for desktop users in some v1.3 patches. In particular I still haven't added more detailed enemy info to the main game screen. I expect to be adding these things along with the usual bugfixes in patches for v1.3.

The main content in v1.4.0 is going to be a total rework to the blacksmith's quest in the caves! Currently the quest is pretty simple, and I'd like to expand it to continue the trend of quests getting progressively more involved. Expect more mining for rare ore and gems, with some greater rewards if you perform well!

I plan to also have one significant piece of side content in v1.4.0. I haven't yet locked this in, so there are a few possibilities. Expect the side content to be on the scale of a single new item, challenge, or similar.

v1.4.0 will also have some tweaks, as usual. In particular I plan to focus on hero talents and some pieces of equipment. Shattered's overall balance is better than it ever has been, but there is always room for more incremental improvements.

Lastly, while this won't be coming in v1.4.0, I am making some progress on adding a new hero in 2022! Expect to hear more on this after v1.4.0 releases!

v1.3.0 ended up taking a bit more than 3 months. That’s longer than I wanted but v1.3.0 also ended up having more content than I was originally planning. For v1.4.0, I’d like to try and get things a bit closer to 2 months. I should have some more info on v1.4.0 to share in a blog post some time in August. In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter if you’d like some quicker mini-updates!

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