Shattered Pixel Dungeon v0.6.1

2 minute read

Hey everyone, time for a new update!

0.6.1 brings with it numerous balance tweaks and improvements, as well as an overhauled journal system!

I’ve written a separate blog post about the journal system Here, and a blog post about some of the balance changes Here.

The update is rolling out right now through Google Play, and will be available to users on other platforms over the next few days.

Here’s a condensed changes list, you can find a fully detailed changes list ingame (I’ve updated the ingame changes list in 0.6.1, it’s now much more informative!):

New Content:
- Completely overhauled journal system
- New ID-ing badges + badge system adjustments
- 8 new room types and level layout tweaks
- added the ring of energy

- Rings now handle upgrades more like other items
- Ring of wealth reworked
- Health potions now burst heal, not instant
- Dew vial is easier to fill, maxes at 20 drops
- Enemy AI improvements
- 15+ bugfixes
- 10+ misc. changes

- Unstable Spellbook now has unique effects
- Dried Rose now works with weapons and armor
- Inventory space increased to 20, from 19

- Horn of plenty charge speed reduced slightly
- Ring of Might HP bonus reduced at low levels
- Ethereal chains now can't pull to locked places

The two blog posts cover most of what I’d like to mention regarding these changes, but there is one more topic that deserves a bit of attention:

Healing Changes:

The changes to healing are easily the most core balance change in this update, so I wanted to give some reasoning for it. The intention for these changes is to make healing easier to acquire and more effective in the early game, and more difficult to spam in the later stages of the game. In the earlygame this means that fewer runs should be lost simply due to not finding health potions. In the lategame this means that players won’t be able to do things like defeat bosses simply by having a gigantic supply of health potions.

I also hope this will make healing a bit more approachable to new players. Previously, aside from a lucky healing potion, new players would have no way of accessing on-demand healing as they wouldn’t have the game sense to get good healing value from the dew vial. The dew vial now always collects dew regardless of player health, which should give newbies a new tool to aid in survival.

You can discuss this update on the Pixel Dungeon Subreddit!