Coming Soon to Shattered: The Duelist!

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Hey Dungeoneers, v2.0 is finally ready for beta!

The beta for Shattered v2.0 is live right now! You can get it on Google Play by opting-in to betas, on the App Store by signing up on TestFlight, on Steam by selecting the beta branch from the game’s properties, or directly download the game for Android or Desktop via Github.

In this blog post I’m going to share some more details about Shattered’s first new hero! I expect the beta for v2.0 to last a little longer than usual, as there’s still a bit of content to complete. Right now the Duelist herself is fully playable, along with the Champion subclass and two armor abilities. I expect to finish up and fully release in about 2 or 3 weeks.

Just a quick note first: Please keep in mind that a new hero is a big undertaking. We are very close to release, but some details and visuals here may still change before v2.0 goes live. Also, while I always try to keep to the ETAs I provide, please remember that they are just estimates. If the update hasn’t released yet, it’s because I’m still working on it!

Introducing The Duelist!

As mentioned last time, the Duelist focuses on weapons and activated abilities, to contrast with the Warrior’s focus on armor and passive durability. Her primary power is a unique ability that changes on a per weapon basis. These abilities are meant to augment gameplay and also provide a more visible and interactive power to each weapon. There are over 15 unique abilities!

These abilities make weapons feel a little more like some of the game’s ‘special’ items like artifacts and wands. There are even some mechanics in place to encourage more varied weapon gameplay within a run. Here are some talent examples:


Just as with other heroes, the Duelist has two subclasses on offer:

The Champion doubles down on weapon ability gameplay by letting the Duelist wield two weapons at once! The Champion can freely switch the weapon she is attacking with and use either weapon’s ability whenever she wants. The Champion has a lot of options when it comes to weapon abilities, which can be further improved via talents:

The Monk has less of a focus on equipment and instead grants the Duelist several utility-focused abilities that are based on physical technique. The monk builds energy toward these abilities as she defeats enemies. This plays a bit like a more relaxed version of the gladiator, as this energy does not fade over time, but does have a cap.

I’ve not got any talents to show off for the Monk just yet, but here are some mostly-final ability concepts instead:

  • Flurry of Blows costs 1 energy and lets the Monk make a quick unarmed strike that penetrates armor. This strike is instant if it follows up a regular attack, making it a great finisher.
  • Cleanse costs 2 energy and removes most harmful effects from the Monk, but takes a couple of turns.
  • Dash costs 3 energy and lets the Monk instantly move to a location within a few tiles. This is great for a quick reposition, and even goes over hazards.
  • Focus costs 3 energy and lets the monk prepare to dodge the next incoming attack, just like a dwarven monk would.

Armor Abilities

Lastly, after defeating the game’s penultimate boss the Duelist gains access to three armor abilities!

Challenge targets a single enemy, compelling them to fight the Duelist while all other enemies are temporarily frozen in time. This is a great move for singling an enemy out from a crowd. Challenge does not freeze the Duelist’s allies, or a boss’ minions if a boss was targeted.

Elemental Strike hits an enemy or location with a regular attack that’s guaranteed to hit and spreads a magical effect in a cone. This magical effect varies based on the enchantment on the Duelist’s primary weapon, leading to a lot of variety in exactly how this ability works.

Feint causes the Duelist to pretend to strike an enemy while actually dashing to an adjacent tile. An afterimage remains at her old location for a brief moment, attracting the attention of any enemy that was targeting her. Feint is a great panic button move, but will also grant extra power against enemies that fall for it.

As mentioned higher up, I expect the beta for v2.0 to last a little longer than usual as I finish up the Duelist’s game content. If you’d like some incremental updates on that leading up to release, consider following me on Mastodon or Twitter. I’ve tried to start posting little progress updates there around once a week.

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