Status Update: v0.9.3

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Hey Folks, I’m making a quick ‘status update’ blog post as I’ve been getting lots of questions about when v0.9.3 is releasing.

Unfortunately I’ve had to delay v0.9.3 a little bit. I’m now planning to make the usual ‘coming soon’ blog post and get v0.9.3 to beta in early to mid May, instead of late April.

Development Status

I’ll share more specific details on what’s coming in v0.9.3 in the upcoming post (here’s the previous one if you’d like a refresher), but for now here’s a quick summary of how far along things are in development:

  • Abilities: 70%. The new armor abilities and talents are fully concepted, and I’m in the middle of implementing them. This is the major content to still get finished for v0.9.3. There will likely be 12 abilities total, with about 40 talents between all of them.
  • New Challenge: 90%. The bosses challenge mentioned in the previous blog is mostly finished. 4/5 bosses have their challenge changes fully implemented and playtested, and I’ve got fully concepted changes for Yog that just need to be implemented and tuned.
  • Item Changes: 95%. The item changes mentioned in the previous blog are fully implemented. Currently the new items are using placeholder sprites, but I can easily improve those while the update is in beta.
  • Misc: 100%. I’ve also implemented a bunch of smaller changes, as usual. This includes extensive balance tweaks to the existing talents, a bunch of bugfixes, and several QOL tweaks.
  • 🍏: ~80%. Lastly, while this isn’t tied to v0.9.3 directly, I have been spending a good chunk of time working out the technical issues of porting the game to iOS this month. This ended up taking more time than I thought, which is why v0.9.3 is delayed. There’s still some logistics to work out, but I’m on track to make a public announcement on this some time after v0.9.3 is released. Once again, if you want the fastest news on this, please either send me a message/email expressing your interest, or sign up on my Patreon.

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